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Bruce L. Jamison of Jamison & Associates is a trial lawyer whose experience spans more than three decades with an emphasis on complex personal injury, oil & gas, and commercial cases.

He was admitted to the Texas bar in 1976 and is admitted to practice in the State of Colorado, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Bruce has practiced law extensively not only throughout the State of Texas, but in states across the U.S., including California, Arizona, Nevada, Alabama, and Florida.

Bruce is privileged to have been recognized by the MILLION DOLLAR ADVOCATES FORUM. Established in 1993, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum (which includes the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum) is one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. There are over 4000 members throughout the country. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.

Even while in law school, Bruce was earmarked for a distinguished career. While still a student, he tried his first jury trial and argued before the Court of Appeals before receiving his license as an attorney in the State of Texas. As a young attorney, Bruce first made his mark in a civil commercial fraud case involving allegations of fraud and deception against one of the most powerful members of county government in Houston Texas. Jamison proved to a jury and secured a verdict of fraud against then Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, in the case of Eckels v. Sloan.

Texas Tort Claims cases

In the field of Texas Tort Claims law, Bruce was fortunate to have achieved one of the highest awards at the time in a personal injury case against the City of Houston.

In another landmark case dealing with governmental tort claims (Jenkins v. Jack Heard, Sheriff, the State of Texas and Harris County), Bruce successfully prosecuted cases against both the Texas Dept. of Corrections and Harris County and its then sheriff, Jack Heard, in a prisoner medical malpractice case, and recovered a medical malpractice verdict for a non-violent inmate who claimed that he was not given his epilepsy medications, despite the county’s records to the contrary. After the matter was strenuous appealed by Harris County and Sheriff Heard, Bruce briefed and argued successfully all of the legal issues presented in the Houston Court of Appeals, whose affirmation of the judgment was upheld by the Texas Supreme Court. This case was the subject of much legal commentary, including a law review article written by former Texas Supreme Court Justice, Willam Kilgarlin, Jr.

Case that expanded County Court at Law jurisdiction

In the area of jurisdictional law, Bruce successfully argued for continued expansion of County Court at Law monetary jurisdictional limits in the case of Cantu v. Weingarten.

Successful verdicts and settlements achieved in difficult and complex cases, including mass torts resulted in significant demand for Bruce’s services.

Bruce creatively and aggressively utilized Texas venue law, suing a major US oil refiner in Hildalgo, County Texas for an accident occurring at the company’s Harris County refinery, and achieving one of the highest personal injury settlement awards against the refiner up to that time in Hildalgo County.

Over the years, Bruce grew his firm, then known as Jamison and Associates P.C.to more than four offices located throughout the state of Texas: in Houston, Edinburg, Channelview, and Kennedy, Texas, employing more than 20 attorneys and staff, and representing in excess of 4,000 clients simultaneously in mass tort litigation, such as the Colonial Pipeline case, which was successfully resolved by Bruce for his clients for many millions of dollars in settlement. Bruce’s firm also litigated many other types of cases, including maritime, commercial, contract and partnership disputes, medical malpractice, and pharmaceutical cases.

Trucking accidents and complex products liability litigation results

Bruce also concentrated his practice in the prosecution of eighteen wheeler trucking cases and a variety of mechanical, electrical and automotive products liability cases.

For example, in one products liability case, Bruce recovered millions of dollars in a claim of a defectively manufactured, 13 year-old television which was alleged to be the cause of death from a fire occurring in Huntsville, Texas, despite testimony from the fire marshal and defendant’s experts that the fire was the result of cigarette smoking.

Bruce has litigated numerous rollover/defective tire cases and trucking accidents, including a publicized trial in Laredo, Texas, which resulted in multiple multi-million dollar awards, and record awards as well. Other successful prosecutions have involved cases in other states, including, for example, achieving a record award against the City of San Diego for the negligent design of a dangerous intersection

Recently, in 2016, Bruce achieved a partial settlement in Las Vegas, Nevada involving the death of a child in the amount of $3,485,000.

Employment Disputes involving key executives, and co-employee claims

Bruce has been retained to negotiate, and resolve complex employment situations in various situations involving alleged malfeasance of key executives in sensitive company operations, and various employee claims relating to co-employees. For example, in 2014, he resolved two such problems by a favorable confidential agreement for an oil & gas service provider involving an alleged disloyal key executive.

Oil & Gas litigation: winning an entire lease from a lost farmout

In the commercial arena, Bruce has also actively litigates complex commercial disputes including Oil and Gas matters. Recently, he concluded a hotly contested and complex oil and gas suit relating to a series of contracts which involved litigation in two state district courts, three appeals, an arbitration, and ultimately terminating in US bankruptcy court. The matter was favorably concluded beyond all client expectations by our recovery of an entire 8,000 acre oil and gas lease for our clients who had initially held a lesser farm out interest, pre-litigation. The estimated reserve value of this lease is in excess of $1 billion.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Throughout the years spanning his practice, Bruce has been extensively retained to handle all phases of complex contract, partnership and claims disputes, including negotiations, prosecutions, mediations and trials. In 2014, Bruce’s firm handled several multi-million dollar partnership litigations, including Bruce’s successful representation of several minority owners in their prosecution of a majority limited liability company owner who had secretly sold his interests to a major U.S. company. Bruce was able to achieve a multi-million dollar settlement, which was many millions over and above the value of their actual ownership interests. In that same year, Bruce was able to resolve through litigation a dispute in connection with an asset purchase agreement for my clients which resulted in a settlement of several million dollars.

A substantial part of Bruce’s cases were referrals from attorneys all across Texas, and he has also participated in joint venture projects with other firms.

The above represents only a small sampling of Bruce’s experience, which also includes admiralty, Jones Act, FELA, electrical, power line and other case litigation. Bruce will be happy to discuss his experience and how he may help you or your firm.

Please feel free to call or contact Bruce Jamison for any further information.